General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for the purchase and use of TCS campsite vouchers

1. Validity
TCS Training & Freizeit AG, chemin de Blandonnet 4, P.O. Box 820, 1214 Vernier, sells its vouchers via the E-GUMA® voucher system developed by Idea Creation GmbH, which it uses as the means of payment under the following general terms and conditions. By purchasing and redeeming the vouchers, the customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. Period of validity
The vouchers are, as a rule, valid for two years (see the date and period of validity on the voucher). Once that period has expired, TCS Training & Freizeit AG is no longer obliged to redeem them.

3. No replacement in case of loss
Lost vouchers are not replaced.

4. Redeeming the vouchers
Each voucher may be redeemed only once. The customer is entitled to give the voucher as a gift, or pass it on to someone else.
Only the first copy of the voucher bearing the obligatory forgery-proof code is valid. When the voucher is redeemed, TCS Training & Freizeit AG checks only if the corresponding E-GUMA® voucher number has been released by the system and if the voucher has been paid for. Beyond that, TCS Training & Freizeit AG has no possibility, and is not obliged, to ascertain whether the redeemer is the legitimate bearer. Consequently, TCS Training & Freizeit AG may not be held liable for any claims for compliance or compensation, should someone try to redeem the voucher a second time, even if the person who first redeemed the voucher was not the authorized to do so. However, a criminal investigation (document fraud) can immediately be launched against the party issuing a second copy with intent to defraud.

5. No return or payment of residual value
Vouchers may not be returned and any residual value will not be paid out. The residual value may be used to pay for other TCS Training & Freizeit AG services.

6. Expiry of the vouchers
The vouchers expire and are cancelled when the period of validity runs out and should TCS Training & Freizeit AG for some reason have to shut down or stop doing business. Third parties, such as the customers of a company or a business unit taken over from TCS Training & Freizeit AG, are not bound by the vouchers.

7. Conditions of payment
You may choose to pay by invoice or by credit card. If you choose the latter, the amount will be charged immediately to your credit card. Invoices are due on reception and are subject to no discount. As of the thirtieth day after the invoice date, TCS Training & Freizeit AG is entitled to charge 5% interest, and reserves the right to assess higher compensation. Any costs shall be borne by the customer. Compensation is admissible only in the case of uncontested or legally valid claims. The customer may assert a right of return only on the basis of the same contract.

8. Defects and guarantees
The customer shall check the vouchers immediately on receiving them. Any complaints are to be made in writing within three days of reception. In cases of justified complaint, TCS Training & Freizeit AG will correct errors cost-free and either exchange the vouchers, take them back (conversion) or offer the purchaser a discount (reduction), as the customer chooses. If the voucher is exchanged and the replacement voucher is also defective, the purchaser is entitled to choose between conversion and a reduction.

9. TCS Training & Freizeit AG services
TCS Training & Freizeit AG services are described on the voucher in general terms only. The scope of the service is described in the service description and in the specific general terms and conditions of 
TCS Training & Freizeit AG applying to that service. In particular, the services described on the voucher can only be provided or guaranteed if the corresponding reservation has been made in good time.
This applies in particular to vouchers relating to overnight stays and to group vouchers.

10. Data protection
TCS Training & Freizeit AG is hereby authorized to collect, store and process the customer’s personal data required to fulfil the contract, in accordance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. Data transmitted to TCS Training & Freizeit AG may be forwarded to and used by the Touring Club Schweiz (TCS), its subsidiaries (in particular TCS Versicherungs AG, Assista Rechtsschutz AG) and the TCS cantonal sections, including for marketing and analysis purposes.
Should you want to know which personal data are kept in our files or to correct or to delete them, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to 

11. Written form

Contrary and/or supplementary agreements require the express written consent of the management of TCS Training & Freizeit AG; this also applies to any waiver of the written form requirement.

12. Place of jurisdiction
The courts in Geneva, Switzerland, where TCS Training & Freizeit AG has its headquarters, shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute arising in connection with the purchase or use of vouchers, 
subject to mandatory legal provisions.

Vernier, July 1, 2018

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