General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the Basel Zoo Online Shop 

1. General information
These terms and conditions (T & Cs) apply for the purchase of items (vouchers, entrance tickets, other products and services) from the online shop of Zoologischer Garten Basel AG (hereinafter - Basel Zoo), as well as for the purchase of vouchers at entrance ticket desks, the Zoo shop and Zoo restaurants. Basel Zoo is the legal operator of an E-GUMA® voucher management system by Idea Creation GmbH.

All Basel Zoo deliveries and services and associated online orders, as well as other online services, are subject to these T & Cs. Any agreements deviating from or in addition to these T & Cs require the express consent of the management of Basel Zoo as well as the written form; this also applies to a waiver of the written form requirement.

2. Vouchers and entrance tickets
Please note that all Basel Zoo vouchers, online vouchers and online entrance tickets sent to customers are provided with a forgery-proof code. Since the customer can print the voucher/entrance ticket themselves, the customer may print out the voucher/entrance ticket multiple times; however, the customer may only redeem and use one printout. The first redeemed voucher with the corresponding code is considered the original and is marked as used by Basel Zoo immediately after redemption. If further copies are used, this will be regarded as fraud, which may have consequences under criminal law. There is no claim for performance, delivery or compensation from Basel Zoo should anyone attempt to redeem/use multiple vouchers/entrance tickets with the same code, even if the first person who redeems this voucher/entrance ticket is not the legal owner of the voucher/entrance ticket. A criminal investigation (document forgery) may be initiated immediately against an issuer intending to commit fraud. 
Since a voucher/entrance ticket can be passed on or given as a gift, Basel Zoo is neither obliged nor able to verify whether the redeemer and the owner are one and the same person. When a voucher/entrance ticket is redeemed, the only check performed is to verify whether the corresponding E-GUMA® voucher/entrance ticket number has been released by the system and whether the voucher/entrance ticket has been paid for.
Prices for entrance tickets are inclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise.
Vouchers/entrance tickets are usually valid for 5 years (see date and validity period indicated), unless they are only redeemable on a specific day, for a limited period or a special occasion. Basel Zoo is not obliged to accept the voucher/entrance ticket once this period has expired. Price increases within the validity period remain reserved. Lost vouchers/entrance tickets will not be replaced. Cash refunds cannot be given for vouchers/entrance tickets. If the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the service used, Basel Zoo is prepared to credit the remaining voucher balance against further visits/purchases . In such cases, there is no entitlement to cash payment of the remaining amount of the voucher. Basel Zoo is not obliged to accept unpaid vouchers as a means of payment. For operational reasons, the services listed in the voucher can only be provided and guaranteed by Basel Zoo if a corresponding, timely reservation has been made. This particularly applies to event, tour and group vouchers. The service described in the voucher may vary slightly depending on the circumstances, but may not represent a significant impairment of value for the customer. Should Basel Zoo be forced to close or cease operation for any reason, vouchers and tickets shall be forfeited without compensation. This also applies in the event of a change of ownership of the company. In the event of such a change of ownership, no claims can be made against Basel Zoo as the original issuer of vouchers/entrance tickets.

3. Entrance tickets for dated events or special occasions
The regulations of the organiser Basel Zoo (safety requirements, age and other access restrictions, etc.) apply. Any misuse of entrance tickets is prohibited. The ticket purchaser must ensure that the entrance ticket is protected against misuse (e.g. illegal copying, modification or printing by unauthorised persons). The QR code and/or barcode must be machine-readable.
The return or exchange of entrance tickets is generally not allowed. If an event is postponed, the entrance tickets automatically become valid for the new date. If an event is cancelled, the refund claim of the ticket purchaser is directed against the organiser in accordance with its terms and conditions.

4.  Other products and services
Basel Zoo offers the products and services for sale in the online shop. The offers are subject to the (dissolving) condition of impossibility of supply or incorrect price quotation. The contract is concluded as soon as the customer places an online order via Basel Zoo's website and this order arrives at Basel Zoo. The arrival of the order at Basel Zoo is indicated to the customer by means of an automatically generated order confirmation. If a suspensive condition materialises, the contract is annulled automatically and immediately. The customer will be informed by Basel Zoo.

Basel Zoo strives to keep information on the products and services offered in the online shop up-to-date. However, all information on the products and services on the Basel Zoo website is provided without guarantee; specifications do not constitute a guarantee. Prices are inclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise.

5. Delivery
Basel Zoo will meet agreed or specified delivery times if possible. If such delivery times are exceeded by more than six weeks, the customer has the right to set a period of grace with the indication that they will refuse to accept the object of purchase after expiry of the period. This period of grace must be at least one month. If there is no agreement on a new delivery date, the customer may withdraw from the contract/transaction after expiry of the grace period by way of written declaration . No claims for compensation can be made due to the delay or impossibility of deliveries. This also applies to claims for damages due to loss of profit or other indirect damage. Further claims of the customer, in particular with regard to delivery and the risks and side effects caused by the product, are excluded. The risk passes to the customer as soon as the goods (vouchers, entrance tickets, other products and services) have been handed over to the transport company and have left the warehouse/company premises . This also applies if Basel Zoo has paid the transport costs. Complaints regarding transport damage must be made by the customer to the transport company within the specified deadlines. The customer bears all risk for customer consignments, in particular transport risks, until the goods have reached Basel Zoo.

6. Payment
When making purchases in the online shop, you can pay by invoice or by credit card. For payments by credit card, the amount will be charged immediately to the credit card nominated.Invoices issued by Basel Zoo for vouchers/entrance tickets are payable immediately and without any deductions. Invoices for other products and services are payable within 30 days. Any charges are paid by the customer. Offsetting is only permitted for undisputed or legally enforceable claims. The customer can only assert a right of retention if it is based on the same contractual relationship. If the customer does not meet their payment obligations, outstanding amounts become due immediately. In addition, deliveries not yet executed are suspended. Basel Zoo has a right of withdrawal in this case; the contract is annulled automatically and without notice eight days after Basel Zoo has sent an unsuccessful payment request with a payment slip to the customer.

7. Creditworthiness
If the customer does not appear creditworthy to Basel Zoo, Basel Zoo is entitled to cancel some or all of its orders without providing any further details. In the event of delayed payment by the customer, another breach of contractual duty or if circumstances become known to Basel Zoo which reduce the creditworthiness of the customer, Basel Zoo reserves the right to only perform any outstanding or future deliveries of vouchers, entrance tickets, products and services against prepayment or cash on delivery.
If the customer does not meet their payment obligations, outstanding amounts become due immediately. In addition, deliveries not yet executed are suspended. Basel Zoo has a right of withdrawal in this case; the contract is annulled automatically and without notice eight days after Basel Zoo has sent an unsuccessful payment request with a payment slip to the customer.

8. Right of cancellation 
There is no right of cancellation for vouchers/entrance tickets which have been purchased online and printed out. Vouchers paid by invoice can be revoked within 24 hours and must be returned to Basel Zoo within 3 working days of the date of issue. 

9. Defects
Complaints regarding scope of supply, material defects, incorrect deliveries and quantity deviations, insofar as they can be determined by reasonable investigation, must be raised in writing immediately, within one week of receipt of the goods/vouchers at the latest . In the case of legitimate complaints, Basel Zoo will rectify the incorrect delivery free of charge and will otherwise, at its discretion and under reservation of exclusion, exchange the vouchers, accept their return or grant the customer a discount. If, in the case of voucher exchange, the replacement delivery is also defective, the customer is entitled to rescission of sale or reduction in price.

10. Customer data
Basel Zoo is entitled to collect, save and process the personal data of the customer required within the framework of the business relationship, taking due account of the due diligence in dealing with sensitive customer data.

The buyer hereby acknowledges and agrees that Basel Zoo and its suppliers may become aware of personal data in connection with the provision and maintenance of the system and the provision of services. This personal data is used as part of the voucher/entrance ticket purchase and access control, to the extent appropriate for the event.

Basel Zoo undertakes to only continue to use the personal data in compliance with all legal provisions, or to pass it on to third parties other than the organiser, with the express consent of the purchaser.

11. Disclaimer
The organiser is not liable for damages that have arisen as a consequence of the use of organiser websites due to disruption, interruptions and overloading of the IT system on the part of the organiser, its suppliers or the user. The organiser declines any liability for any damage due to abusive use and unlawful interference with the system.

12. Final provisions
Basel Zoo reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without giving reasons. For orders already placed, such changes do not apply.  The invalidity of individual provisions of these T & Cs does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a new provision with an economic effect resembling that of the ineffective provision as closely as possible. The place of fulfilment of these T & Cs is Basel. These T & Cs are subject to Swiss substantive law. The place of jurisdiction is the location of Basel Zoo (Basel).