General Terms and Conditions

29 July 2021

1. General
The general terms and conditions of sale apply to all products and services of the company TéléCharmey SA.

2. Tickets and subscriptions
2.1. Validity 

Tickets and subscriptions are personal and non-transferable. They are only valid during operating hours.

2.2. Loss or theft 

If a ticket or season ticket is lost or stolen, it will be replaced once on presentation of the purchase receipt. If the purchase cannot be justified, the user must pay for a new pass.

2.3. Misuse / counterfeiting
Misused or counterfeit tickets and season tickets will be confiscated. The user must pay compensation of CHF 150 for each day of fraud.

This is subject to civil and criminal law measures.

2.4. Exchange / refund
Purchased tickets and season tickets cannot be exchanged for other tickets or season tickets at a later date.

If operations are suspended in whole or in part due to bad weather or force majeure (e.g., avalanche danger), the customer is not entitled to any refund.

3. Exclusion of transport
3.1. General

Persons may be excluded from carriage if they:
• are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
• behave in an inappropriate manner;
• do not observe the regulations on the use of the means of transport or on passenger behaviour or do not comply with the orders of the staff based on these. 

3.2. Transport for the purpose of practicing a sport
If the weather conditions are unfavourable, persons may be excluded from transport for the purpose of practicing a sport.

In addition, persons may be excluded from sports transport if they endanger third parties immediately before the planned transport, if there are reasons to believe that they will continue to endanger third parties or if they do not respect the property of others. 

Disrespect for others is deemed to have occurred if the person concerned has disregarded a hiking, mountain biking or downhill scooter route and has gone off the marked trails. In the event of a repeat offence or in serious cases, the ticket or pass may be confiscated.

Endangerment of third parties is considered to have occurred, for example, if the person concerned:
• has behaved in an indelicate manner;
• has travelled on a slope exposed to the danger of avalanches;
• failed to observe safety signs and prohibitions;
• disregarded the safety instructions of the avalanche control and rescue service.

4. Responsibility 
The responsibility of TéléCharmey SA is limited to negligent and intentional behaviour on its part.

5. Rescue service
TéléCharmey SA provides a rescue service during the winter. In the event of an accident on the ski area and the need to call in the rescue service, a charge may be made to the injured guest for the costs incurred. The costs of third parties (e.g., Rega, doctor) are borne directly by the guest. Any claims for reimbursement must be submitted by the customer to his insurance company.

6. Applicable law/ place of jurisdiction
The contract between the client and TéléCharmey SA is subject to Swiss law.

The place of jurisdiction is Bulle, unless binding legal provisions stipulate otherwise.

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