Astronomy evenings

Every year, four to six astronomy evenings are organized on the Gurten. Each of these evenings is dedicated to a specific astronomy theme relating to current circumstances.

By means of clear explanations, participants learn about the impressive properties of the solar system and the universe. Professionals from the Astroevents association explain the astronomical concepts with the help of easy-to-understand models. In the practical part, interesting information is provided about the constellations, while the stars and planets can be observed through several professional telescopes.

Friday, 3/1/2024
6:00 PM Astronomy evening: Distances in space Continue »
Friday, 4/26/2024
6:00 PM Astronomy evening: How does an observatory work? Continue »
Monday, 8/12/2024
6:00 PM Astronomy evening: Perseids shooting star night Continue »
Saturday, 10/19/2024
6:00 PM Astronomy evening: Comet Atlas Continue »
Saturday, 11/23/2024
6:00 PM Astronomy evening: Planet night Continue »