Wine seminar at the Willow Yard Pub

Bring the taste buds back into shape? No problem!

At the wine seminar at the Willow Yard Pub, you are guaranteed to become a hobby sommelier and get to know the customs of the winemakers at the same time.

The experience includes:
  • Basic knowledge about wine
  • Basics of tasting
  • Tips and tricks about the taste, storage and service of wine
  • Extensive tasting of a whole range of typical quality wines

We taste a total of 6 typical quality wines with 10 CL each.

Dates are published on the website.

Duration: approx. 150-180 minutes
Requirements: Minimum age 18 years and previous knowledge is not required
Language: German or English
Number of people: 6-20 people

Please note that if less than 6 people register, the course will be postponed.