Whiskey from A-Z (theory & tasting)

Tasty highlights together at the Willow Yard Pub in Dietikon!

One thing is completely beyond question: the world of whiskey or whiskeys, depending on the country and culture, is inconceivable without tastings and tastings being offered. This tasting and discovering is part of the whisk(e)y like a yolk is part of an egg. "Whisky from A-Z (Theory & Tasting)" is aimed at both beginners and advanced connoisseurs. In 2 hours, compact basics for production, varieties and enjoyment are taught. About 7 whisk(e)y samples will be tasted.

We taste 7 whisk(e)y samples of 2 cl each.

Dates are published on the website.

Duration: approx. 120-150 minutes
Requirements: Minimum age 18 years and previous knowledge is not required
Language: German or English
Number of people: 6-20 people

Please note that if less than 6 people register, the course will be postponed.