Beer tasting at the Willow Yard Pub

Experience beers from all over the world!

Our beer sommelier will present our beer specialties to you in all their facets.

Have you always wanted to know more about the history, production and flavors of different beers? If so, then our beer seminar is the right place for you.

Approximately 8 different types of beer are professionally tasted and judged, differentiated and evaluated in the categories of color, smell and taste, among other things. Find out interesting facts about the origin of beer styles and be accompanied by the diverse world of aromas of the beers.

We taste 8 beer samples of 250 cl each.

Dates are published on the website.

Duration: approx. 90-120 minutes
Requirements: Minimum age 18 years and previous knowledge is not required
Language: German or English
Number of people: 6-20 people

Please note that if less than 6 people register, the course will be postponed.