The Witness: Listening to Our Imperiled Planet

Mittwoch, 07.12.2022 18:00 Uhr
The Witness: Listening to Our Imperiled Planet

The Witness: Listening to Our Imperiled Planet

Mittwoch, 07.12.2022 18:00 Uhr
Can conscious listening spark radical change?

Around the world, transdisciplinary groups of artists, scientists, and activists, in collaboration with their local communities, are listening to our imperiled planet’s messages around potential collapse — or hope for rehabilitation. Their research, which incorporates audio, video, and other creative platforms, implores us to witness what may disappear forever, as well as to urgently build new networks of caregiving for the earth. Representing seven teams from Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, The Witness will share research highlights and interactive experiences that invite us to reflect on the relationship between humans and our non-human kin.

Afternoon Program (Free, no registration required)
  • 2–2.45 p.m.: Witnessing Johannesburg
    Deep Listening practices, actions and meditations from Johannesburg to Zurich
    Meet at ticketing desk, Park-Villa Rieter   
  • 3–4.45 p.m.: Witnessing Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
    A collection of short films and performances by Turkana (Kenya), Shabari Rao (South India), Suzan Kerunen (Uganda), and Matchume Zango (Mozambique). 
    Meet at Vortragssaal, Park-Villa Rieter 
  • 5–5.45 p.m.: The Singing Body from Bangalore
    A workshop on the embodied relationship between movement and stillness, silence and sound — all woven together through breath. 
    Meet at ticketing desk, Park-Villa Rieter
Evening Program (Ticket required, see below)
  • 6–8 p.m.: The Witness: Listening to Our Imperiled Planet
    In 1989, legendary composer Pauline Oliveros developed three strategies for listening, attuning, and responding to the natural environment and to one another. As catastrophic drought, deforestation, and other consequences of climate change and human action radically reshape our world, these strategies remain a critical tool for attuning to vulnerable ecologies and their inhabitants. Meet seven teams from Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia that used Oliveros’s strategies in their research on the impacts of climate change on their communities. Experience sound, audio, and visual fragments and a rich conversation about what they have discovered and how it has shaped them as artists and humans. 
    Meet at Vortragssaal, Park-Villa Rieter 
  • Yao Bobby (Togo) and Simon Grab (Switzerland): Recording the chants and stories of fishermen from different regions who converge in Agbodrafo, a fishing village in Togo. 
  • Suzan Kerunen (Uganda): Documenting the music and dances of the Batwa, a tribe that once lived in Uganda’s forests until they were evicted to make way for national parks.
  • Anita Kevyn, alias Turkana (Kenya) and Laura. Spotlighting Kakuma, the refugee camp where she grew up, and the youth who are doing whatever they can to make art and forge a new life. 
  • Shabari Rao and Bindhumalini (South India). Using the body and the arts to explore an ancient rocky landscape near Bangalore and imagine new ways to connect with the earth.
  • Jill Richards (South Africa). Unearthing sound at significant ancient sites near Johannesburg to compare urban and natural environments, and the past with the present.
  • Chaoba Thiyam (Northeast India). Bringing traditional and emerging artists together to respond to Punshilok Forest, a once-burned landscape in Manipur now teeming with life. 
  • Matchume Zango (Mozambique). Recording the Chopi people’s connection to nature and how their ways to mitigate socio-environmental change are reflected in their culture.
The Witness Team
Direction and curation: Julie Beauvais
Coordination: Horace Lundd
Coordination and moderation: Amy Cranch
Communication: Julien Petit

Organizer, Producer: BadNewsFromTheStars*
Partners and supporters: Stadt Zurich KulturArtlink SüdKulturFondsSwissnex IndiaConsulate General of Switzerland in Bangalore
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Photo: The Witness 2022. The valuable knowledge of the Turkana people © Turkana

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