Enjoy the Excelsior Hotel Ernst Stollen at home

Enjoy the Excelsior Hotel Ernst Stollen at home

For decades the Excelsior Hotel Ernst has been famous for its traditional Stollen. In our patisserie, the Stollen is baked with a selection of the finest ingredients and the right portion of love: Marzipan, yeast dough, lemon and orange peel, raisins, almond slivers, butter as well as a special spice mixture make our Stollen so unique. Which spices we use for the Stollen remains a secret - the recipe has been kept in the hotel safe for generations.

This year, from November 27, 2020, we will not only sell our Stollen at the hotel, but will also send it to your home. You can choose between a large (about 1kg) and a small stollen (about 500gr).

The shipping costs within Germany are 7,49 EUR. Your order will be processed within 24 hours and will reach you after about 4-7 days.

Pickup is free of charge: From November 27 to December 26, 2020, you can use your ticket to stop by the Excelsior Hotel Ernst and pick up your Stollen at any time.

For each stollen we donate 1 Euro to himmel & ääd
Category Price (VAT included) Quantity
Large Stollen (about 1kg)
29,00 €
Small Stollen (about 500 gr.)
15,00 €
Shipment to your home
(within Germany)
7,49 €
Shipment to your home
(within the EU)
15,99 €
Shipment to your home
(outside EU, worldwide)
36,99 €
Pick up at Excelsior Hotel Ernst
0,00 €
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