Gin tasting

Fruity? Flowery? Spicy? citrus? With us you make yourself completely GINing

In the two-to-two-and-a-half-hour gin tasting in Basel, you will not only learn something about the taste of gin, but also about the history of juniper schnapps. The course will not only focus on enjoyment, but also on knowledge at the gin tasting in Basel. So you can shine with your knowledge at the next party. It will also be about how the gin is made and what gin styles there are - you will be amazed at how many different types and ways of enjoying it there are in the world!

We test a total of 5 different Gin & Tonic variations.

Dates are published on the website.

Duration: approx. 120-150 minutes
Requirements: Minimum age 18 years and previous knowledge is not required
Language: German or English
Number of people: 6-20 people

Please note that if less than 6 people register, the course will be postponed.