Aperitif «Glüehwonder» - glühwein special

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Aperitif «Glüehwonder» - glühwein special

Warm through the winter with an aperitif in the APART winterwonderland (new: igloo):

With this gift card receiver is going to enjoy one of our winter aperitifs of the unforgettable kind with you, the whole family, friends or business colleagues.


The swiss-finnish aperitif
Pleasant glühwein aperitif with «LOIMU», the premium glühwein from Finland, paired with raisins and almonds in the beautiful APART garden (if bad weather in heated choo-choo). Perfect for a nice dinner in the restaurant or a fondue evening in the choo-choo.

Wool blankets will keep you warm.

LOIMU: Lignell & Piispanen, Kuopio / Finland Small, family-run distillery / 1 bottle of 750ml, 15% vol. / glühwein on red wine basis (Cabernet Sauvignon), with arctic raspberry, preserved in liqueur, refined with cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger and a shot of vodka.

This offer is ideal for groups of a maximum of 8 people. Wool blankets will keep you warm.
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